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Admission Criteria

Phoenix Recovery Center provides medically monitored detoxification and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. All persons who wish to enter Phoenix Recovery Center must complete a telephone interview with an intake coordinator. This intake procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. It assists us in the determination of the potential client’s eligibility for treatment. Financial responsibility information is also gathered at this time.

guy on phone Upon completion of screening and determination of eligibility, clients are scheduled for admission. While we try to communicate any changes to applicants, sometimes we are unable to contact them. We encourage individuals given a potential admissions date in the future to call in advance to verify the day and time.

Admission Criteria
To be eligible for admission to Phoenix Recovery Center a person must have a substance problem with drugs, alcohol, or both.

Candidates must be 18 years of age or older.

Candidates must be willing and able to participate in a rigorous program that is intense, structured and cognitively oriented; the program requires extensive group situations that demands focus and concentration.

Ineligibility for Admissions
By virtue of the program design and staffing capabilities, the following clients are not eligible for admission:

1. People with complicated medical or psychiatric diagnoses beyond the scope of services at
    Phoenix Recovery Center.

2. Individuals who have a conflict of interest with Phoenix Recovery Center staff or another client(s)
    that prevents effective treatment at this facility.

3. People with a history of the following:

   a. Reported history of significant psychopathology; e.g. active suicidality or psychosis.

   b. Reported pattern of violence, when not under the influence of mood-altering substances.

   c. Significant cognitive impairment that precludes participation in the treatment program.

   d. Significant medical impairment that precludes participation in the treatment program.

We are committed to assisting individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. If for one of the above reasons someone is ineligible for admission at Phoenix Recovery Center, we will attempt to refer them to a more suitable program.

headsetGeneral Procedures for Admission
Persons desiring admission to Phoenix Recovery Center should call Admissions at
1-800-671-9516 or 410-671-7374.

The referrer or potential client seeking admission should be prepared to provide medical, psychiatric, legal and relevant social information as well as details of method of payment.

Phoenix Recovery Center does not accept Medicare or Medicaid, however, is in network with most insurance companies. Self pay opportunities are available.

If unable to be admitted to Phoenix Recovery Center, these links may be helpful in locating alternative treatment options.




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