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Who Can We Help?

• Males and females, 18 years of age and older.
• The person who is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse.
• The chronic relapser unable to maintain significant lengths of sobriety.
• One who expresses motivation and willingness to pursue a sober life.
• Family members and those most affected by addiction.
• Those with legal issues resulting from alcohol or drug use.

How Do I Begin?

• Call 800-671-9516 or 410-671-7374
   and speak to one of our capable staff. They will help you determine your need for treatment.
   You will    be asked questions regarding your drug or alcohol use, medical and psychiatric history,
   previous treatment, current medications, legal issues, employment, among others. 
   All calls are strictly confidential and do not place you under any obligation.

What Do I Bring?

• All prescription medications you are currently taking, enough for 4 weeks.
   Our Medical staff will dispense your medications only. They cannot manage, write new
   prescriptions or refill existing ones.
• Seven to ten days of casual clothing, (season appropriate) Provocative or alcohol and drug related
   clothing is not permitted.
• A pair of walking or athletic shoes.
• Insurance and pharmacy card.
• Drivers license or other form of picture ID.
• Toiletries and personal hygiene products, preferably alcohol free.
12 Step, spiritual, or recovery related reading material only.
• Journal, stamps, envelopes, black pens, and a highlighter.
• If you smoke, a carton or more of cigarettes.
• $20 to $30 dollars in cash for snacks, candy and soda.
• Sunglasses, eye glasses, contacts and appropriate accessories.
• Appropriate pictures that provide comfort and a sense of "home"
• Sunscreen, (during spring and summer)
• Contents of luggage or any other packages brought into Phoenix Recovery Center will be subject
   to a search by Phoenix Recovery staff.

Do Not Bring The Following Items:

• Cell phones, cameras, I Pods, laptops, clock radios, or electronic games.
• Expensive jewelry or other valuable belongings.
• Novels, magazines, newspapers, or any other non recovery related reading material.
• Musical instruments, sports equipment, crafts, knitting, needle point, pocket knives, or electric hair
• Snacks, candy, beverages, gum, or any other type of food. (These will be provided by
   Phoenix Recovery Center.
• Pillows, blankets, comforters, sheets, stuffed animals, or bath towels etc. (These will be provided by
    Phoenix Recovery Center.
• Nail polish or nail polish remover.
• Body sprays, cologne, and perfume.
• Hair Spray and aerosol spray cans. Hair and beard clippers.
• Rolling tobacco, smokeless tobacco, cigars or pipes.
• Candles or incense.
• Prescription medication not in its original package.
• Loose medication in pill boxes.
• Non-prescription medications (i.e., Advil, Tylenol, etc.), vitamins, herbs, or nutritional supplements.

NOTE:Phoenix Recovery Center cannot be responsible for personal items that are lost or
   otherwise missing while you are in treatment.

Can The Clients Receive Mail?

•Yes. A client’s primary Counselor will review all incoming mail for appropriateness.

   Mail may be sent to the following address:

   Client’s name
   c/o Phoenix Recovery Center
   107 Edgewood Road
   Edgewood, MD 21040

Can The Clients Receive Visitors?

• Yes, however, only on Sunday and in accordance with the Family Program.
• Visitors are limited to 3 persons, no one under the age of 12.

When Is The Family Program?

The Family Education Program is held every Sunday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.  Visitors are limited to 3 persons, no one under the age of 12.  Please do not bring food, beverage, cell phones or purses into the building.  Family members will be provided with information pertaining to the disease of addiction and how it affects families in a four week educational model.
A one hour visitation follows the Family Education Program from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Family members and friends are asked to leave promptly at 12:30.

When Can A Client Make Phone Calls?

• Phone privileges are on Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.
• Phone calls will be limited to ten minutes
• Any other phone calls will be at your Counselors discretion.

What If I Take Prescription Medications?

• Bring all of your existing prescription medications in the original bottles. Please reveal that
    you are taking these medications with the PRC staff member during your phone assessment.
• Bring a full 4 week supply of all prescription medications.
• If you do not have a 4 week supply, please have the ability to refill while in treatment at PRC.
   PRC cannot refill your prescription medications.
• Do not bring any mind or mood altering prescription medications. This would include
   benzodiazepines, opiate pain medications, barbiturates, or any type of sleep medications.
• Do not bring any Over the Counter medications. This would include medications like
   Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, Tums, laxatives, allergy medications, cough drops, etc.

When Can Loved Ones Talk To A Counselor?

Our Clinical program is based around group therapy. We understand that your family members want to know about your progress, however, excessive calling takes away from the time we spend with you. We request that you designate a “point person” to make the calls. Due to our demanding treatment schedule, these calls must be limited to five or ten minutes. The Clinical staff will greatly appreciate your cooperation with this.



  800.671.9516    or    410.671.7374

  107 Edgewood Road
  Edgewood, MD 21040

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